After cancelling the 2020 event due to COVID-19 restrictions, we were grateful to be able to host a limited-capacity tournament on April 25, 2021. While it wasn’t quite the same without all of our friends from out of town, we ended up having a fantastic day of kubb back at Orange Grove Park!

Thank you to all of those who came out made it the fun day that it was!

2021 West Coast Kubb Championship Results

1st Place: Kubbix Rubes (Marshall Dostal & John Pettersson)
2nd Place: the Twins (Rich Fineza & Wayne Busick)
3rd Place: the King Seekers (Greg Kawai & Nathan Jakubiak)
4th Place: K’Bam (Brett Barnard & Eric Neu)

2021 Championship podium: “King Seekers” (3rd Place), “Kubbix Rubes” (1st Place), “Twins” (2nd Place), “K’Bam” (4th Place)

2021 Silver Bracket Results

1st Place: Termites (Monika Petrillo & Karie Reynolds)
2nd Place: Kubbulus (Cliff Houser & Ken Houser)
3rd Place: The Woodchucks (Chris Durmick, Sean Durmick, Connor Durmick & Connor McDonald)
4th Place: Stupendous, Livin’ in this Kubb (Andrew Vogel & Grady McFerrin)

2021 Silver Bracket Podium: “Woodchucks” (3rd Place), “Termites” (1st Place), Kubbulus (2nd Place)

The 2019 West Coast Kubb Championship was our biggest tournament to date.  Thanks to the many teams and fans that came out to make this our best tournament yet!

2019 West Coast Kubb Championship Results

1st Place: LA Kubb Club – Midwest Chapter  (Michelle and Evan Fitzgerald)
2nd Place: Drill Pickles (Christopher Jones and Demian Moore)
3rd Place: Kubboom, Jr (Sam and Max Klages)
4th Place: MP Kubboom (Pat Klages and Mike Rogney)

West Coast Kubb Championship Podium. “MP Kubboom” (4th place), “Kubboom, Jr.” (3rd), “LA Kubb Club – Midwest Chapter” (1st), “Drill Pickles” (2nd)

2019 Silver Bracket Results

1st Place: Kubby Doo (Scott Parker & Keith Pearson)
2nd Place: Dude, Where’s My Kubb (Corey Ackland, Alex Mackey and Brian Mancini) of Pan Pacific Kubb Club in Los Angeles
3rd Place: Kubbraham Lincoln (Nick Erickson & Andrew Schwartz) of Pan Pacific Kubb Club in Los Angeles

Silver Bracket Podium – Left to Right: 1st Place “Kubby Doo” (Scott Parker & Keith Pearson of South Pasadena), 3rd Place “Kubbraham Lincoln” (Nick Erickson & Andrew Schwartz of Pan Pacific Kubb Club in Los Angeles), 2nd Place “Dude, Where’s My Kubb” (Corey Ackland, Alex Mackey and Brian Mancini of Pan Pacific Kubb Club in Los Angeles)


Some additional photos from the 2019 tournament

Tournament Director Joe Zenas briefs team captains and players prior to the start of play.
2nd Place Drill Pickles (Christopher Jones, Minneapolis, MN & Demian Moore, St. Paul, MN)
Christopher Jones of the Drill Pickles lets his baton fly during the Championship match.
Serious kubb conversation, hi-jinx and Mariachis at the 2019 West Coast Kubb Championships.
Kubbing Kids!
Pat Rupp of Fine eRUPPtion poses with an outstanding pile of drilled kubbs. Notice the DOUBLE NEIGHBOR!
The Lumber Liquidators (Ben Petrillo, Kate Buckley and Julian Petrillo) are ready for the big tournament!
2-time West Coast Champion, Michelle Fitzgerald poses with her new trophy. Also pictured: her husband Evan.
Evan Fitzgerald of the LA Kubb Club – Midwest Chapter attempts a cross-pitch blast.
The Drill Pickles carefully consider how to stand up a tightly-drilled cluster of kubbs in the championship final.
Spectators find great vantage points for watching the action all around the brand new Zenarena kubb stadium.
Pat Klages of MP Kubboom fires an 8 meter throw in the semifinal showdown with the Drill Pickles
Silver bracket winners “Kubby Doo” (Scott Parker & Keith Pearson of South Pasadena)
Silver bracket runners up “Dude, Where’s My Kubb” (Brian Mancini, Alex Mackey and Corey Ackland of Pan Pacific Kubb Club in Los Angeles)
Silver bracket 3rd Place team “Kubbraham Lincoln” (Nick Erickson & Andrew Schwartz of Pan Pacific Kubb Club in Los Angeles)
Andrew Schwartz of Kubbraham Lincoln receives his silver bracket 3rd place medal.
Mariachis once again entertained the players and spectators around lunchtime.

The 2018 West Coast Kubb Championships were held on Sunday, April 22 in South Pasadena. Thank you to the 75+ people and 30+ teams from 7 states who joined us to make this our biggest and best tournament yet!

Congratulations to our winners and all who came out to play!

1st Place: The El Ringers (Colton and David Ellringer)
2nd Place: Kadoodles (Michelle and Evan Fitzgerald)
3rd Place: Cali-gan Kubb (Phil Dickinson & Joe Zenas)
4th Place: the Kubbix Rubes (Marshall Dostal and John Pettersson)

1st Place in the Silver Bracket: Dee Dee’s Destructors (Dee Dee Halvorson and Wayne Busick)

Click here for a great recap of the tournament and archived video of the exciting final match between Kadoodles and the El Ringers.

The 2nd Annual West Coast Kubb Championship was held on Sunday, April 23, 2017.  A heartfelt “thank you” to all who played, volunteered and cheered for another successful tournament and congratulations to the winners!

1st place – the Skoly Rollors (Evan Fitzgerald, Michelle Fitzgerald & Chris Jones)
2nd place – Lumber Liquidators (Kate Buckley, Ben Petrillo & Julian Petrillo)
3rd place – King Busick (Austin Busick & Wayne Busick)

Check out Kubb On’s excellent recap of the tourney.

Some pics from past West Coast Kubb Championship tournaments: